A Day at Hazel Dell

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Hazel Dell Animal Hospital is located on the Northwest corner of Hazel Dell Parkway and Main Street in Carmel, Indiana.


Hazel Dell Animal Hospital has separate lobbies for our feline and canine patients to help reduce stress for your pet. After your arrival, you will be warmly greeted by one of our receptionists. We then escort you and your pet to one of our 5 exam rooms.

After your visit, our receptionist will provide you with any medications and prescriptions that your pet will need as well as a detailed, printed treatment plan for your pet. They are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Exam Rooms

Hazel Dell Animal Hospital has 3 exam rooms dedicated to our canine patients and two for our feline patients. After arrival in the exam room, one of our dedicated nurses will discuss your concerns about your pet’s health and obtain their weight and body temperature. The nurse will then discuss your pet’s diet, lifestyle, current medications and any other pre-existing health problems.

Your veterinarian will perform a thorough exam and discuss your concerns for your pet. We will then develop a diagnostic and treatment plan with you, appropriate for the health needs of your pet.

Treatment Area

Hazel Dell Animal Hospital has separate feline and canine treatment areas to our animal hospital, which allows for a more peaceful environment to care for your pet. The treatment area allows for a fully equipped well lit environment to perform thorough exams, perform procedures and diagnostics.

Radiology Suite

Hazel Dell Animal Hospital is equipped with an advanced Digital X-ray system, which provides high quality images to better diagnose your pet’s problems. Our digital X-ray, AGFA with Musica 3 is the same system that is used by Riley’s Children’s Hospital. We are also able to send X-rays to specialists for further evaluation, when the need for referral arises.

Surgery Suite

Hazel Dell Animal Hospital‘s Surgical Suite is fully equipped with gas anesthesia, advanced surgical monitoring equipment, numerous surgical instrumentation and CO2 Laser. We are able to do a variety of soft issue surgeries and a limited selection of skeletal surgeries. Your pet will be given the highest level of care before, during, and after surgery.

Ultrasound Area

Hazel Dell Animal Hospital has a room dedicated for performing ultrasounds. Ultrasound is useful in diagnosing a variety of disease processes including internal tumors, kidney/bladder stones, gastrointestinal, splenic, pancreatic, liver, heart and gallbladder problems. It is a non-painful and low-stress process for most pets.

Housing for Our Patients

Hazel Dell Animal Hospital has three sections to house its patients. The canine and feline ICU’s are located in the treatment areas where our sick patients can be more closely monitored and treated. The canine ICU has 5 cages and the feline ICU has 6 cages. The Kennel Room contains four large runs and eight cages for our canine patients. In the case of a contagious disease, we place infected patients in a small isolation room.

Dental Suite

Our advanced Dental Suite is designed for comprehensive oral healthcare for pets. Equipped with cutting-edge technology. We prioritize our patients’ well-being with modern sedation techniques for a stress-free experience. Our skilled veterinary team offers a range of services, from routine cleanings to complex dental surgeries, utilizing advanced surgical monitoring tools to ensure optimal conditions. With a commitment to excellence, our compassionate staff provides the highest level of care from initial examination to post-procedural follow-ups. At Hazel Dell, we strive to make every visit to our Dental Suite a positive experience, ensuring the health and happiness of your beloved pets’ smiles.

Comfort Room

Our compassionate Comfort Room provides a serene and private space for sensitive moments, including peaceful euthanasia for pets. Thoughtfully designed with a focus on creating a comforting environment, the Comfort Room offers a tranquil atmosphere for families when they need it most. Equipped with soft furnishings, subdued lighting, and thoughtful amenities, we aim to provide solace during difficult times. Our dedicated veterinary team understands the importance of these moments and strives to offer support and empathy throughout the process. Hazel Dell is committed to ensuring that every pet and their family receive the utmost care, compassion, and privacy during these heartfelt moments.

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