About Hazel Dell Animal Hospital in Carmel, IN 

Your dogs and cats are precious members of your family, and they deserve compassionate, high-quality care. At our animal hospital in Carmel, we offer that level of care and more! Our full-service companion animal hospital is dedicated to meeting all the basic wellness needs of pets through every life stage. Did you just adopt a puppy? Does your adult pet need a dental cleaning? Is your senior pet experiencing arthritis discomfort? Whatever your pet’s need is, we want to meet it!

We believe in the importance of prevention and early detection, which we demonstrate with all of our services. Prevention is the best form of treatment, but if an illness is detected, and we catch it early, the chances of successful treatment increase. We also provide education for our clients so that they can care for their pets as effectively as possible from home, between visits.

Need to book an appointment with a veterinarian? Call Hazel Dell Animal Hospital at 317-846-8710 or book an appointment online!

Quality Veterinary Care for Pets

The staff of Hazel Dell Animal Hospital has the primary objective of providing the highest quality care to our patients and exceptional service to our clients. We strive to be friendly, professional, courteous, honest, and sincere in all that we do. We educate ourselves to maintain a good understanding of state-of-the-art veterinary medical care and work hard to continually expand our abilities and knowledge base. We are sincere in listening to our clients’ concerns, discussing options, and helping our clients make informed decisions. Our relationship with our clients and patients is based on compassion, empathy, appreciation, and sound judgement. We seek to be a cohesive and efficient staff and maintain a good work environment based on mutual respect, attention to detail, preparation, initiative, communication, and teamwork. We wish to be good neighbors and support our community through education, sponsorships, and outreach. Our ultimate goal is to create and maintain a setting in which trust and integrity are never compromised, and in which we ourselves would wish to be clients knowing that our beloved pets will be in the best hands.

Veterinarians with a puppy

About Our Veterinary Services

Our services and facilities are designed to provide regular wellness care for pets of all ages, including complete medical and general surgical care:

Whether your pet is 6 weeks or 16 years of age, we want to be there for them every step of the way! Give us a call at 317-846-8710 or use the online form to make an appointment at our animal hospital in Carmel.