Veterinarians Near Fishers, IN Providing Full-Service Pet Care

At Hazel Dell Animal Hospital, we think pets deserve to be treated like the cherished family members they are. That means we give the dogs and cats of Fishers, IN and surrounding areas personalized care that takes all their unique needs into account. As a full-service animal hospital, our veterinarians are able to offer everything your pet requires to live their healthiest life, from yearly well exams and vaccinations to diagnostic testing, teeth cleaning, surgery, and more.

We’re Committed to Patient Health and Client Satisfaction

Hazel Dell Animal Hospital is accredited with the American Animal Hospital Association. This means that our animal hospital and veterinary team adhere to over 900 different standards of veterinary practice, from surgery and patient care to cleanliness and customer service. We’re inspected regularly to ensure that our animal hospital continues to meet these standards and be an exceptional place for the pets and families of Fishers, IN to visit for all their veterinary needs.

AAHA Accredited!

Our Animal Hospital Near Fishers is Also Cat Friendly

Being AAHA accredited is a big deal for us, but our animal hospital also happens to be a Certified Cat Friendly Practice. Because so many cats don’t get the care they need (mostly out of fear of the vet), we have taken great strides to make our animal hospital a more calming, feline-focused place. We use feline pheromones, treats, gentle, less-hands-on handling techniques, and more to improve their experience and make it easier for their owners to bring them in.

Cat Friendly

AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital in Carmel, IN

Veterinary Services We Provide to Fishers, IN

Our veterinarians and staff are eager to welcome you to our animal hospital near Fishers and be a part of your pet’s health journey. To help them along, we offer these primary services:

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