Puppy & Kitten Care in Carmel, IN

Whether your new companion is canine or feline, we want to help you provide the best possible care for them. That’s why we recommend preventive care in the form of comprehensive wellness exams and vaccinations at least once a year. As an AAHA-accredited animal hospital, we abide by the highest standards with our vaccination protocols. This means that we customize these protocols to the specific needs of pet dog, based on age, breed, and risk of exposure.

We offer a number of supplemental services as well to keep your puppy or kitten healthy through every life stage. If you have a puppy, we offer puppy packages that are designed to help your four-legged friend get started on the right paw so they can enjoy a lifetime of wellness. For our feline patients, we take extra measures to help them have a more enjoyable veterinary experience. This includes our:

  • Separate treatment areas for cats
  • Separate entrance for cats
  • Two exam rooms for cats only

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The First Puppy & Kitten Visit

We adore puppies and kittens here at Hazel Dell Animal Hospital! It’s best to have your new pet examined as soon as they become a member of your family. That way, we can make sure they’re in good health. During your pet’s first visit with us, we’ll conduct a comprehensive wellness exam as well as other important preventive services, including necessary vaccinations, deworming, parasite screening/prevention. We’ll also discuss our recommendations for spaying/neutering as well as the benefits of spaying/neutering.

Puppy Packages

Our puppy packages are designed to meet all of your puppy’s basic wellness needs. They include:

  • 3 wellness exams
  • 3 Distemper/Parvo (DAPP) vaccines
  • 2 Leptospirosis vaccines
  • 1 Bordetella intranasal vaccine
  • 1 Rabies vaccine
  • 3 oral dewormings
  • 2 intestinal parasite checks
  • 1st dose of heartworm preventative
Four kittens under a blanket

Additional Puppy & Kitten Services

There are a number of other factors to consider as well when it comes to caring for your puppy or kitten, including:

  • Microchipping: This permanent form of identification can drastically increase the odds of your pet being returned, should they ever become separated from you.
  • Obedience training (puppies): Obedience training will help you better understand your dog, and they will better understand you. We can give you recommendations for some of the best dog trainers in the area during their next visit.
  • Weight management: As your pet ages, extra weight can become an issue. Extra weight can be hard on the joints and make it difficult to walk around. We can evaluate your pet’s Body Condition Score (BCS) during every wellness exam to determine if your pet is overweight, underweight, or at a healthy weight.
    • Diet/nutrition: If your pet’s BCS ever indicates that your pet needs to lose or gain weight, we can make diet recommendations. Or, if your pet has other health issues or just needs a healthier diet, we can make food recommendations for those reasons as well.
    • Exercise: Just as with humans, the best way to keep your pet healthy is with a nutritious diet and exercise. Make sure your pet is getting enough exercise on a daily basis, keeping in mind that some breeds require more exercise than others.

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