Pet Insurance in Carmel

The Hazel Dell Animal Hospital team created a list of the most common pet insurance questions asked and additional information. For questions or to book an appointment call 317-846-8710 or use the online form.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Insurance

Q. What is Pet insurance?
A. Pet insurance helps cover the cost of medical care should your pet become ill or have an accident

Q. Why is it important? When would I use it?
A. 1. Pet insurance is best used for unexpected medical events that are difficult to predict and budget for.

A. 2. Pet insurance can be used for routine procedures (vaccines, teeth cleaning, heartworm tests, etc.)
* Be careful that the premiums you pay are less expensive than if your out of pocket cost

Q. How does it work?
A. It is a reimbursement program, you pay the bill up front and you file a claim with the pet insurance company. The insurance company is the party that will reimburse you.

Q. What do I need to look at when considering a pet insurance company?
A. 1. The plan should have good medical coverage (covers accidents, injury, and illness.) Check for coverage for chronic disease, continual coverage of chronic disease, coverage for hereditary and congenial diseases, and coverage for diseases that are common to your pet’s breed.

A. 2. Has a good reputation.
Pet insurance review
Better Business Bureau
Your state’s Department of  Insurance

A. 3. Has a strong underwriter This is the company that is financially responsible for paying your claim

A. 4. Has a maximum payout limit that will cover “the worst case scenario costs” Payout limit can be annually, lifetime, per incident, per body system or based on a predetermined benefit schedule.

A. 5. Has an affordable premium

A. 6. Pays claims in a timely fashion (less than 3 weeks)

A. 7. Does not have unreasonable exclusions or requirements (genetic or hereditary conditions)

A. 8. Covers your pet in the Continental United States

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** Hazel Dell Animal Hospital has had experience with the following companies: Trupanion, Purina Care, VPI, Pet plan, & Pet first Health Care.**