Our Pet Pharmacy

Hazel Dell Animal Hospital partners with Vets First Choice Pharmacy (click here to go to our online pharmacy) to offer you a wide variety of prescription medications at a competitive price. Vets First Choice is one of the only on-line pharmacies that provides products that are 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer. When you use our online pet pharmacy, your pet will receive safe, quality products.

Most online pharmacies can only purchase heartworm preventive medication through third parties, which negates the manufacturer’s guarantee. If your dog is infected with heartworm or intestinal parasites while on an unguaranteed product, the manufacturer will not pay for the cost of treatment. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture heartworm products such as Heartgard, Sentinel, and Trifexis will pay for the cost of heartworm treatment if the heartworm preventive was bought through a Veterinary Hospital or through Vets First Choice.